If you're a strata plan lot owner or  a member of a strata plan committee and know your getting fleeced in manager fees and disbursements, and can never get your portfolio manager to attend to your concerns in a timely manner:-  then you must move your management agreement  to Ross Hunt Real Estate Pty Ltd.

Ross Hunt Real Estate is that type of  owner corporation management organisation that you believe ought to be out there.

Just enquire and have Ross Hunt Real Estate Pty Ltd -  send your committee or members a management  proposal: - Not only will your owners corporation receive significant savings in disbursements, but you can be assured:  - that a higher level of professional and conscientious staff will be attending to your greatest asset.

I enquired and took the plunge and organised our committee to  move to Ross Hunt Real Estate;

We've never been more satisfied as a committee with the action we took some three years ago. 



Groundstation Pty Ltd