Our Services

Managing Owners Corporations (or body corporates) is a complex business and requires the skills of experts in the field.

Ross-Hunt Real Estate manages in excess of 1150 Owners Corporations covering residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties across the Melbourne metropolitan area.

The owners corporation management team operates a fully computerised process offering specialist advice, personalised service and professional management.

All our Owners Corporations have a dedicated portfolio manager appointed to their property, helping to ensure a continuity of service and also allowing for a good working relationship to be established between the Owners Corporation Committee and their dedicated manager.

Repairs & Maintenance

The appearance and value of your property is determined by the way it is maintained. Ross-Hunt Real Estate has experienced and competent contractors who are skilled to carry out most types of repairs and maintenance to your owners corporation property. All our contractors are fully compliant with current Occupational Health & Safety legislation.

For all after hours emergencies we provide our Owners Corporations with a 24/7 after hours emergency repairs and maintenance service.

Call +61 (3) 9830 4044

All Inclusive Management & Administration Charges

It is important to us that all charges and fees that our Owners Corporations incur are above board and reasonable. Our management and administration charges are all inclusive of the service that we provide to our Owners Corporation Client.

Under our management you will NOT be charged extra fees for any of the following services:

  • ABN registration (annual)
  • Archiving/storage charges
  • Postal ballot charges
  • Accounting charges (unless OC is registered for GST and require BAS Preparation services)
  • Organising repairs and maintenance charges
  • Handling insurance claims
  • Travel charges for meetings and attending the property
  • Charges for holding the AGM
  • Charges for auditing financials
  • Correspondence (phone, email and post) charges
  • Charges for meetings that exceed an hour in duration
  • Website or Internet maintenance fees
  • Charges for change of address or personal details
  • Providing Owners Corporation financial information

All of the above services are included within our standard management & disbursement fees

The most likely circumstance in which we will issue extra charges to an Owners Corporation is if we have had to attend VCAT on behalf of an Owners Corporation or if we have to hold a meeting in addition to the AGM. The charges for attending such these services are: $175 per hour during business hours and $275 per hour outside of business. Whilst our agreement includes most of our normal service, issues such as building defects, cannot reasonably be included in our normal service fee due to the extensive amount of preparation and specialist expertise involved. *The hourly charge of $275 also applies to AGM’s for Owners Corporations of 6 lots or less that wish to hold Annual General Meetings outside of office hours (9am-5pm).


We prepare and mail contribution statements, collect contributions and levies as required and pay all disbursements on behalf of the Owners Corporation as they become due. A total financial statement, as at the end of each accounting period, is provided to all members with the notice of annual general meeting.

Debt Collection

We operate an efficient and effective system of debt collection whereby defaulters are carefully recorded and reminded of their indebtedness. Appropriate recovery action is taken when authorised by the Owners Corporation.


Upon appointment as your Owners Corporation management agent, we will convene a meeting of the Owners Corporation in accordance with current legislation. Meetings can be held in one of our own meeting rooms or at another location that suits your requirements. The manager of your property attends the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and acts as chairperson as required. The minutes, together with the approved budget, are forwarded to all members after the completion of the meeting.