How do I change Owners Corporations Manager?

We understand that changing Owners Corporation Managers can be a hassle. Although many owners may be dissatisfied with their current management situation, they may not know what action to take or who to turn to for assistance. Using our expertise and knowledge in this particular field, our dedicated business development team aim to provide members with clear and simple guidelines to achieve a successful change in manager.

Many Owners Corporations may be paying exorbitant fees in exchange for a subpar service without realising that there are more efficient and cost effective management alternatives available to them. Many owners may not have had any prior dealings with Owners Corporation Management and without this prior experience, owners who are new to being a part of an Owners Corporation may often find themselves resigned to the fact that their unpleasant experiences with their current Owners Corporation Manager is all just part and parcel of being an member of an Owners Corporation.

Though we are the first to acknowledge that being a member of an Owners Corporation may sometimes feel like an onerous undertaking, it does not always have to be a painful and expensive exercise.

If you’re not sure whether the service you are currently receiving and the prices you are paying are fair and reasonable, then perhaps there could be a better, more cost effective service out there. We have the utmost confidence in our ability to improve your management situation but don’t just take our word for it, click here to see testimonials from our satisfied clients.

What are the steps to Change Owners Corporation Manager?

An Owners Corporation has three methods in which they may resolve to terminate their manager:

  1. Annual General Meeting

  2. Special General Meeting

  3. Postal Ballot

Once you have determined the most appropriate forum to hold the vote to terminate your manager there are several factors you will need to be aware of before making your decision.

  1. The resolution to terminate your manager is a general resolution (majority vote). You do not require 50% of all owners to vote in favour of the decision, you require 50% of members present by person or proxy to vote in favour of the decision.

  2. All members must be notified of the general meeting or ballot to be conducted. You will require a list of all owners and their postal addresses to be supplied by your current manager.

If you would like to know more about the process involved in appointing and termination of an Owners Corporation Manager, please contact us to find out more about what you can do in order to achieve a positive outcome and what we can do to assist in this process.

Why Choose Ross-Hunt & ‘The Ross-Hunt Difference’

At Ross-Hunt, we not only strive to provide our cliental with a worry free management experience but we go one further and aim to do so, while providing an above board financial system, where we do not charge our members unnecessary and ambiguous extra fees.

What sets us apart from the pack? The details outlined below are services which we offer all Owners Corporations, at no extra charge and are the services which believe are The Ross-Hunt Difference:

Flexibility in scheduling AGMs

inside or outside of office hours, Monday-Thursday, on site or at our offices – all at no extra cost*

 Dedicated Manager Appointed to your Property

Under our management, our members enjoy a continuity of service from a dedicated portfolio manager and are not bounced around from staff member to staff member.

 40 Years of Experience

Ross-Hunt has been managing Owners Corporations since being established in 1973. Today we manage in excess of over 1150 Owners Corporations which are located across Metropolitan Melbourne and parts of rural Victoria.

 Dedicated and Professional Accounts and Administrative Team

We don’t ask our property managers to be Administrative and Accounts staff as well as property managers. Instead, it is of the utmost importance to us that our managers are able to focus on what our owners pay them to do…Manage property. To ensure that our expert team of members is not over worked across a large variety of tasks, we employ the services of 8 dedicated accounts and admin staff who handle the payment of invoices, auditing of financials, preparation of financial statements, updates of owners details, issuing of contributions and correspondence, management of utilities invoices and various other tasks throughout the office.

Online Owners Portal (Look at My Strata)

We provide an online service to all of our owners, where members are able to view various pieces of financial information in relation to their particular Owners Corporation. The advances in the technology that we are using to provide this online portal are forever improving and the information that members are able to access through our online portal will only continue to grow.

 Repairs and Maintenance

We will arrange quotations and works for any maintenance issues at the property using one of our qualified tradespeople. Also please note that although we have in excess of 100 preferred and trusted contractors, our OC’s are not confined to using only our preferred contractors and are welcome to engage a contractor (who is appropriately insured and qualified) of their choosing.

24/7 Emergency After Hours Service

For after hour property emergencies, we have qualified professionals on call, ready to attend to unexpected issues that may arise at your property at any hour of the night (there is a call out fee charged when an issue is attended to but this is charged by our emergency contractor, not Ross-Hunt). 

Assistance & Flexibility in Organising Insurance Cover

We use BJS Insurance Brokers to handle all claims and policy queries that owners may have. If the OC request multiple quotations, this can be organised by BJS free of charge.

Simple & Above Board Extra Fees Policy

Under our management there are no extra fees for any of our routine services – you will NOT be charged extra fees for any of the following services:

  • ABN registration

  • Archiving/storage charges

  • Postal ballot charges

  • Accounting charges (unless OC is registered for GST and require BAS Preparation services)

  • Organising repairs and maintenance charges

  • Handling insurance claims & repairs

  • Obtaining insurance quotations

  • Contractor compliance charges

  • Travel charges for attending meetings and attending the property

  • Charges for holding Annual General Meetings

  • Charges for establishing an Owners Corporation

  • Charges for auditing financials (unless external audit is required)

  • Correspondence (phone, email and post) charges

  • Charges for meetings that exceed an hour in duration

  • Website or Internet maintenance fees

  • Charges for change of address or personal details

  • Providing Owners Corporation financial information


The most likely circumstance in which we will issue extra charges to an Owners Corporation is if we have had to attend VCAT on behalf of an Owners Corporation or if we have to hold a meeting in addition to the AGM. The charges for attending such these services are: $175 per hour during business hours and $275 per hour outside of business. Whilst our agreement includes most of our normal service, issues such as building defects, cannot reasonably be included in our normal service fee due to the extensive amount of preparation and specialist expertise involved.